The One - digital coach for women's mental health.

At the core of the app is an algorithm that analyzes the context of one's life and offers personalized methods to help manage and control everyday mental and physical issues, reduce stress and anxiety, better express oneself, and build relationships.

Many women, while paying attention to and caring for others, often neglect their own needs, which can lead to self-dissatisfaction and burnout.

To change this pattern and give yourself more attention, it is important to incorporate self-care and love into your daily life.

The One app allows women to recharge, take time for themselves, and feel happy in a chaotic world.

The One is the place where caring for the most important person - you - begins.

Personal AI coach

An algorithm that identifies the context of a person’s life and, based on it, builds a personal track for developing a skill or solving a problem. 

Voice diary

Just talk (about anything) and get an idea of ​​your mental health on any given day. 

Love and inspiration

Personalized practices to love yourself, love your body, accept yourself as you are. 

The One's mission

We are creating a unique platform that provides personalized resources, tools and support to promote women's mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Our goal is to inspire women to self-discovery, growth and personal development, helping them quickly become the best version of themselves and find harmony in the modern world.

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